Bringing Christianity To Life


Christmas is coming!

The Christmas season is a busy one for those working in primary schools, and it's no exception for Jump! Every class will be taking a look at some aspect of Christmas during their RE lesson and so our diary is quite full, with nearly all the classes booking for a team to come in and help with the delivery of the syllabus in some way. For Natalie and co-worker Sara it means starting to think about Christmas in October, which is a challenge in itself! For the first few weeks of November Natalie has been busy buying resources - such as extra nativity sets that Reception children can re-tell the story with; and creating a few too - some cloaks and a waistcoat for Year 2 to re-tell the account of the wise men travelling to Bethlehem. Pretend gift boxes and unusual presents have been wrapped, giant crackers made, oranges and chocolate coins bought. A number of lessons have already taken place, but the week ahead is quite a busy one. A lot of organisation is required to make sure the right resources are with the right people at the right time, and involves a good amount of teamwork. Over and above all the hard work though, we hope that by the time Christmas Day arrives, all the children we have taught will remember that it is Jesus' birthday, and without Him we wouldn't have Christmas at all!