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Filming, fun and going further

Jump! lessons continue virtually, with videos being created on topics that fulfil the Herts Agreed Syllabus for RE. Lesson videos are engaging and fun. Videos have been used much further afield than just within the town of Harpenden, where the team are based, which is a bonus of the pandemic! We don't have sufficient funding nor volunteers to visit schools in nearby towns and villages, so having our videos used elsewhere is wonderful.

We may not quite be film stars, but we have become used to being in front of a camera rather than a class of children. None of us prefer it though and we hope that we will soon be back. We have decided to continue creating videos over the next year though. There are things we can do much more creatively, and explain much clearer, as well as having some fun, by filming our lessons in the studio. We plan to use elements of our films in the classroom when we return, and of course they will be available in their entity for teachers outside of Harpenden. Here's a taster of our Easter lessons. Hope you enjoy it!