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Jump! goes from strength to strength

2017 has been a momentous year for Jump!

Having initially worked in just two schools from 2002 to 2013, and mostly with just two or three volunteers, the team worked in four schools for most of 2104 to 2016 with about half a dozen. During 2017 with a fifth school expressing interest, a number of new volunteers came about. As we enter 2018 we are a baker's dozen - team leader Natalie, with 12 volunteers, and a sixth school poised in the wings. 

With more volunteers comes more responsibility for training, safeguarding and adhering to Parish and school policies. Funding by the Parish of Harpenden (St Nicholas', All Saints and St Mary's) increased for 2017 enabling Natalie to receive training, the mentoring and nurturing of team members and the expansion of the number of lessons delivered in schools. 

It is hoped that further growth will come with gaining an established place in the RE delivery for all six schools during 2018, and an increase of funding from wider sources.