Bringing Christianity To Life


Jump! into the Spring term

We are usually busy this term organising church visits for Years 1 & 2, and lessons in school for other year groups, then it's on to Easter. But, with the advent of Lockdown 3.0 none of that is possible. Thankfully, the vicar at the church most local to three of our schools is going to create videos of the content we would normally cover in the church visits - virtual tour of the church, and a talk about baptism. Thank you James! 

The script writing for the Easter lessons is underway, but we are unsure how we will film these in the current lockdown - probably some recorded Zoom calls and filming one to one will be necessary. This will all mean more editing for our lovely volunteer Tamara when it already takes it a long time! An urgent need for this is a laptop - Tamara was previously using a daughter's laptop but as she is now not at school and needs the laptop herself, Tamara needs a laptop of her own to use! For film editing it does need to have have some processing power to it. Prayers appreciated!