Bringing Christianity To Life


Let the bells ring out!

Hope window

As I ready myself to launch the final lesson of this term with a Zoom call, having just come off the phone with a frantic teacher who was having difficulty logging on to our website to access the resources, I look around my living room at the tinsel, the tree and our window of Hope. (I studiously ignore the mess!). I reflect on the anguish of the months gone by, the challenges and the 'trauma', the 'I don't like this' moments and the relief when filming was done. For this term anyway! I read the feedback from the teachers and could so easily say 'It's all been worth it'. But, as I look on these things, and contemplate the celebrations ahead with limits on who we see over the coming weeks, I have to acknowledge that the only reason for all of this is that Jesus, GOD's SON, came as a helpless baby. Mary and Joseph didn't have family around them, so God sent strangers to welcome their son, His Son, God, into the world.  We are never truly alone. Covid19 wont stop Christmas. Jesus is with us, and that is something we must celebrate every day. I pray that wherever you are, whether you are alone or with close family, you will know God's love for YOU. He gave us the greatest gift of His Son Jesus to show us how much He loves us, for all time, everywhere! Celebrate, Let the bells ring out!